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Growing ‘Rights of Nature’ movement tested in Florida court

After Florida’s governor preempted a pending Orange County charter amendment that would protect two rivers, a local advocacy group sued, testing a growing movement known as Rights of Nature. Gov. … Learn More

Bayer agrees to $10B to settle cancer claim, but Roundup stays on shelves

Despite a massive settlement agreed to by the makers of the nation’s most popular weed killer, the dispute over whether Bayer’s herbicide causes cancer is still up for debate. Bayer, … Learn More

Collaborative divorce keeps couples out of the courtroom. What you should know.

China, the first country to quarantine residents due to the coronavirus, is now seeing record high divorce filings, according to media reports. Legal observers and mental health practitioners in the … Learn More

No man, no entry. Two women barred from Orlando strip club set off legal fight

Two women who were refused entry to a strip club in Orlando, FL, because they weren’t accompanied by a man are leading a legal battle that may have far-reaching ramifications. … Learn More

Is that drone over your yard trespassing? It’s complicated.

With more than 1.1 million drones in the air on any given day, chances are, you will see them in your neighborhood, maybe flying over your yard or business. The … Learn More

Goat DNA at center of lawsuit between neighbors

Two neighbors near Tampa, Florida, are embroiled in a court battle over the parentage of four goats. We’re not kidding. The kids in question are the progeny of Country Caprines … Learn More

Waiving your legal rights during a pandemic not always clear-cut

We’ve all done it. Clicked I Agree without reading what we’re agreeing to. Signed a form but ignored the wall of text we were meant to read. But in the … Learn More

Debt relief companies are often not the answer

Debts can become overwhelming at any time, but especially now, when so many are unemployed and struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, sequestered at home with little income flowing. Those who … Learn More