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Distracted driving laws mean fewer crashes, fewer deaths, study says

A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics makes a direct correlation between distracted driving laws and fewer fatal crashes among all age groups. That includes drivers 16 to … Learn More

Consumer advocates claim victory in fight over Johnson & Johnson baby powder

While numerous big-money verdicts have been handed down in cases involving Johnson & Johnson talcum baby powder and complaints that it causes cancer, the real victory for many people came … Learn More

Supreme Court upholds robocall ban, but the phones keep ringing

Even though the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld a federal ban on robocalls, don’t expect the annoying calls to go away anytime soon. “The volume of calls is so high … Learn More

Small claims court: It may be the answer if you know the rules

Does someone owe you money, but you’ve given up trying to collect it because a lawyer’s fees would cost more than the amount of the debt? There could be a … Learn More

Know your rights when it comes to shocking medical bills

Everyone knows a horror story about a mammoth hospital bill that came as a total shock.  But what people may not know is that they have legal rights that could … Learn More

Growing ‘Rights of Nature’ movement tested in Florida court

After Florida’s governor preempted a pending Orange County charter amendment that would protect two rivers, a local advocacy group sued, testing a growing movement known as Rights of Nature. Gov. … Learn More

Bayer agrees to $10B to settle cancer claim, but Roundup stays on shelves

Despite a massive settlement agreed to by the makers of the nation’s most popular weed killer, the dispute over whether Bayer’s herbicide causes cancer is still up for debate. Bayer, … Learn More

Collaborative divorce keeps couples out of the courtroom. What you should know.

China, the first country to quarantine residents due to the coronavirus, is now seeing record high divorce filings, according to media reports. Legal observers and mental health practitioners in the … Learn More