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Whistleblowers cash in, thanks to decade-old law

Prior to the Dodd-Frank Act, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission was hard-pressed to get corporate whistleblowers to come forward. But just last week, the SEC awarded $2.5 million to whistleblowers who aided in an investigation.


Can the police search your smartphone, or force you to unlock it?

Smartphones are a goldmine of personal data for criminal investigators, from credit card information to compromising photos. But can law enforcement search a smartphone’s contents without a warrant, or force someone to give them access to a passcode-protected phone?

Dress consultant

Jury consultant: Dress can be a key to a courtroom win

Dr. Noelle Nelson, a California-based jury consultant, recalls the time she was helping a law firm prepare witnesses for trial and asked a woman to come to her prep session dressed as she would in court. “I used to say, ‘your Sunday best.’ So this gal came in fishnet hose.” Nelson travels the country and consults on all aspects of trial preparation.

Crime victim

Your risk of being a crime victim likely not as high as you think

What are the chances you will get robbed this year, or assaulted, or otherwise be a crime victim? Many overestimate the risk.

Predictive policing

Predictive policing is predictably controversial

As the debate over data-driven predictive policing continues to heat up, not every department is ready to back away from its use.

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can infringe on real-life civil liberties

Many people don’t realize is that there are gaps in artificial intelligence regulations, some of which allow infringement on civil rights. That can include housing and employment opportunities.

Online bar exam

Online bar exam delay causing lawsuits, frustration

It’s not often you see a Chief Justice of a state Supreme Court apologize for making a mistake. But that’s exactly what recently happened in Florida after the Florida Board of Bar Examiners recommended cancelling a scheduled on-line Bar exam just days before the test.

School police

Report: School police do not keep students safer

Posting armed police in public schools does not make schools safer, concludes a recent study of law enforcement in Florida schools. The study focuses on Florida schools, which are required by state law to have armed law enforcement officers on all campuses, even at elementary schools.

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