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Coronavirus pandemic changing how companies hire

The pandemic has changed just about everything, including how companies hire.  Increasingly, remote hiring is the norm in the workplace that will largely be remote for the foreseeable future.  Remote … Learn More

The Constitution’s ignored stepchild: the Third Amendment

“Soldiers being quartered in your home? Call me!’’ You never see that on a lawyer’s billboard. You don’t find a lot of Third Amendment specialists these days. The eternally overlooked … Learn More

Hospital lost baby’s remains, Florida couple claims in lawsuit

A Florida couple is suing the hospital where their 3-day-old son died, after his body went missing from the hospital morgue. It is not a first-of-a-kind lawsuit. There have been … Learn More

Bar association: Lack of lawyers in rural areas leaves too many without representation

When Rachelle Norberg looks out the window of her law office in Burke, SD, she can see evidence of the devastating tornado that tore through town about a year ago. … Learn More

Hiring about to get more complicated, as coronavirus flexibility rules end

Employers, who must verify their employees’ eligibility to work, have until Aug. 19 to see, in person, documents that prove those they are hiring are authorized to work in the … Learn More

Florida courts turn to Zoom, quickly find the pitfalls

The Tallahassee court hearing had just begun when the obscene interruption happened.  In Florida’s capital, the head of the local Republican Party was suing to overturn the County Commission’s requirement … Learn More

Whole Foods employees sue over Black Lives Matter attire

This is a story about a clash of values and law over political speech and when it is or isn’t legally protected.  The arena for this battle is a Massachusetts … Learn More

Legal proceedings around the country move back into courtrooms, cautiously

Michigan Judge Denise Langford Morris works from home these days, shorts and a tank top under her stately robe, double-strand pearls and full makeup on display for the Zoom camera, … Learn More

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