Filing a complaint through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A complaint filed with the CFPB goes through several steps.

  1. Complaint filed: Submit a complaint about an issue you are having with a particular company related to a financial product or service. You will receive email updates.
  2. Complaint reviewed: The complaint and other documents provided will be reviewed. If it is determined another government agency can best respond, the complaint will be forwarded to that agency.
  3. Get a company response: The company will review the complaint and report back with steps it will take to resolve your issues. Companies generally respond within 15 days.
  4. The complaint is published: The complaint, with subject and date, go into the Consumer Complaint Database. Personal information is removed.
  5. Consumer review: Once the company responds, the CFPB will let you know the company’s response and you will have 60 days to provide feedback about that response.